Multipurpose Infra tech

Technology consulting provides a total end to end solution.

GlobalInfra Amazing features

GlobalInfra will take you closer to technology.

Layout & Project

Complete solution to manage all real estate project and entities under single application with instant update.

Plot & Flat Booking

Online plot booking app is supported by strong content management system where you can manage all sales.


Reports on the booking which will have accurate information on the plots.

Lead Management

Lead management is another Smart & Secure way to manage & control ascept of real estate through Customer Relationship Management architecture

Executive Commission

Executive Commission is easier with our strong architecture flexibility and reliability.

Billing & Receipt

Accurate information will be carried out on Billing & Receipt along with the booking history.

Technology at work for you

We would like to propose our Flagship Product Global Infra which is Web based product build on the Microsoft platform and covers significant client requirements, and may need customization and addition of new functionalities to meet client’s specific business requirement. Global Infra is build up in mind with Industry best practices and is a feature rich product with a strong integration of all the modules within a solution.

With the help of our strong architecture flexibility is the key in our solution. We offer a complete suite of modules of ERP or it can be trimmed as per the clients business needs.

The prime tenet of Cloudexis Technologies Pvt. Ltd. philosophy is to partner with its clients using innovative models of engagement. The accent is not just on IT benefits but on a whole host of business benefits.

Global Infra for your business needs

Experts in the real estate domain

Global Infra help us to manage all aspect of real estate and land developer to manage there business.

Experienced in product development

Save Time, Save Cost Better Collabration at every level. Manage your complete Administrative work Executive Tree View in Hierarchical Order

Well-defined process framework

The user friendly and initiative interface makes it simple to understand and easy to use.

How you can Benefit?

Access ANYTIME & ANYWHERE with our Dedicated Support. Manage Plot & Flat Booking, Payment & Receipt, Organize leads and streamline follow-ups. Manage Contact management and history, Online Plot Booking Status, Commission Generate, Daily & Monthly Transaction etc...

You can Save Time and Cost with Better Collabration at every level. Manage your complete Administrative work Executive Tree View in Hierarchical Order. Show Periodic Progress Secure Data Smartly in One Click Access.

Partner & Associate

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